vision-boardLast week we had another great tele-seminar. The topic was creating vision boards using Feng Shui principles.

You may have created your own vision board in the past (also known as treasure maps or dream boards) – it’s fun and it definitely has been known to work. Many people have shared that they attracted into their life exactly what they had on their vision board. There’s no doubt that a vision board is a powerful tool.

There is a way to make them even more powerful and very specific, and that is to incorporate some Feng Shui principles when creating your board. Here are some of the highlights from the call:

Creating Your Vision Board
The usual method for creating a board is to grab a pile of magazines and search through them for pictures, words and phrases that represent what you want in your life. For example, if you want to be a best-selling author, you might have a picture of a book that’s on one of the Best Seller Lists. You may have a picture of a car or somewhere you’d like to travel. Once you have cut out your pictures, words and phrases, you would then go about pasting them onto a piece of poster board, ending up with your completed vision board.

Combining Goals with Vision
To take your vision board one step further, you can link it directly to your written goals. First, make sure that you have written goals for each area of your life. Writing down your goals is an important step in helping you achieve them. Once you have your written goals, you can then go in search of visual representations of those goals. It’s a little more specific than just looking through magazines to find something that appeals to you. This time you are looking very specifically for things that represent your written goals.

Once you have these pictures, words and phrases you again paste them onto a piece of poster board and this time, you have a vision board that mirrors your written goals. This adds an extra dimension to your goal setting, so not only can you read your goals every day, you can ‘see’ them. Since the mind works in pictures, this helps you see more clearly in your mind that you can actually accomplish your goals, which of course, helps you to accomplish them faster and more effectively.

Adding the Feng Shui Element
Now let’s take that one step further by adding in feng shui principles. This time, you take your written goals, and the pictures, words and phrases that you have collected that represent those goals but this time, instead of merely pasting them onto the poster board in a haphazard way, you’re going to use a feng shui tool known as the Bagua Map to lay out your board very strategically.

The Bagua Map is simply an energy layout of your home. It’s a tool that we use in feng shui to identify the areas of your home as they relate to the different aspects of your life. So there is an area for career, one for health, relationships, finances, and so on. Here’s what it looks like:


Now, you simply divide up your piece of poster board in this way and place the pictures, words and phrases in the appropriate area. This will do a couple of things:

1. It will give more energy and power to each goal because you are directly relating it to the relevant life area.
2. It will show you where you are putting the most energy and focus in your life and where you may need to put more.

This method is not only very revealing, it is incredibly powerful. Creating your vision board in this way helps you to set very clear intentions for what you want and moves the energy towards that much more efficiently and effectively.

It can sometimes be difficult to know which goal belongs in which life area, and sometimes there may be some cross-over – that’s okay. This is a tool that helps you become much clearer about where you are in your life and in your thinking, as well as helping to move you in the direction of your goals.

Feng Shui Success MasterMind members can listen to the replay of this call and view the accompanying slides in the member’s area.


Linda Binns
“The Feng Shui Success Strategist”

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  1. What a great thing to have this as a ritual for your family. I love that. My husband and I have framed our vision boards and have them hanging on the wall in our bedroom, facing our bed. We see them before we go to sleep and when we wake up. It’s a beautiful reminder of where we’re headed and what we want in life. For years we searched for the right piece of artwork to go on that wall and couldn’t find it, then I decided to frame and use the vision boards and they are perfect. Congratulations on creating such a valuable ritual with your family.



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